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The Garden Route is quickly becoming one of the favoured band touring routes in the country. We have a whole variety of small intimate venues and very responsive crowds. We harbour some passionate musicians and music lovers from across the globe. Imagine little shows at authentic backpackers, a funloving enthusiastic crowd at a restaurant, a sunset show with an incredible view or funky locals at their daily drinking holes… The Garden Route promises an eventful show and awesome support for good musical talent!

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Sweet man! Check out what we have to offer:

  • Transport - we can safely and merrily ferry the band and ALL your equipment AND rig around the Route, with your very own sexy chauffeur!
  • Venues - We have great contact with a whole bunch of venues, backpackers, restaurants, festivals, and amazing outdoor venues fit for any kind of band or even music video… think big! We’ll gladly be your local liaison and scout.
  • Special Deals and Good Times - Touring with Rock the Route means you get accommodation discount, some free meals depending on the tourdeal, special prices at certain music shops and we'll definitely get you to relax and show you some special things around the Route as well...
  • Crowd - We have a strong following in the Garden Route and will definitely build on your existing crowd at any of the gigs. We are local, we live here and we can market the heck out of any event as we take hands with two media management companies!
  • Sound - Need a rig or a sound system to blow some hair back? No problem! We've got it all and if we don't we'll make a plan!
  • Recording - Still need to record your EP or single before you go on tour? No problem! There are some really good recording studios in the Garden Route, from SAMA award winning engineers to LIVE recordings at your show. We really have it all (and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg).
  • Big Concerts - We also have amazing outdoor venues large enough for a 1000 strong crowd!
Band Tours Around The Garden Route
Band Tours Around The Garden Route
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We like to keep it simple and have a few pricing options. Please get in touch with us to see how we can go about organizing your tour.

Already organized the venues? Sweet! We charge a simple fee per kilometre. This also includes public liability while touring.

We like to show our guests a special time with any road trip. But nothing beats touring with music all the time! Rock the Route offer you a once in a lifetime experience to tour with a traveling band!

On the Road you get to meet and befriend some talented musicians. Get silly after the show and hang out with these hairy special humans. May it be a small flamenco band from Argentina or international rock band doing an acoustic tour, you’ll be on the bus with these crazy cats! See the show every night. Go backstage, if there even is a stage! Sound Good?

Contact us now to see when the next tour is happening, as seats for these special occasions are limited!