General Info

First and foremost, please remember:
  • Sunglasses, because it looks cool.
  • Swimming costume, if you don't want to show too much skin.
  • Flip flops, because we like happy feet.
  • Warm top/jersey in daypack, four seasons in one day…
  • Happy vibes and/or humor, if you don't have, we'll gladly supply.
  • 645MP Camera, only way to catch the sunset.
  • Normal camera or phone, because our memories will fail us and you wouldn't want to forget this trip.

Our tours are designed with zest. Think students. Although we cater for all ages (18+ for good reason) and can adapt to your needs, our tour style is lively and energetic! The nature of the activities are true to the Garden Route lifestyle. Hiking, swimming, jumping off cliffs, proper parties and a general youthful silliness are in the order of the day. If you are heading for 75 (or feel like you are) and you want to join, please do so! We promise to blow some life into that heart!

Accommodation on our trips are organized to give you the real Route experience. We believe that overnight stops are not just a bed, but an experience, yet we sleep in smart upmarket backpackers and make use of dorms and en-suite rooms on request. We guarantee you will sleep well after the day’s excursions and do so in clean beds with linen provided. We pick the most characteristic backpackers around to maximize your traveling experience. Please note that our accommodation might change from the itinerary, but we will honor the promise above and keep you Rocking!

All Meals on our trips are included. We do this because they form part of your experience and the appetizing itineraries. We promise you incredible food, meals worth the experience, plenty of options (veggie etc.) and in the rare case you do not enjoy it, we will go out of our way to make sure you are fed!

Wi-Fi or Internet will be available for FREE at ALL our overnight stops and most lunch spots. We encourage you to keep in touch with your friends and please do share your experience with them! We will happily reward you for your cool photos or videos with alcohol!

Luggage restrictions are in place to control the weight of our tour bus and trailer. Simply for safety reasons. Please do not bring your teacup husky or family poodle along. We allow ONE main luggage bag (backpack or suitcase 20km) and ONE carry-on bag (smaller backpack/laptop bag). So basically normal flight rules. If you exceed these restrictions we will ask you to leave it at the pickup point. Seeing that the weather is good 300days of the year, we strongly advise less or simpler clothing anyway!

The Weather in the Garden Route is some of the best in the world! However we can experience four seasons in a day so please plan or pack accordingly. It is very unlikely that we will cancel a trip due to weather seeing that all our trips can be adapted to suit changing weather. In this event of cancellation or changing of the trip, we will contact you 2 weeks prior to departure to inform you. You may choose to cancel (please see cancellation policy) or just join us for a more memorable trip anyway! “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the different moods of Mother Earth” – Cooks Grant.