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The Free Spirit deal is designed for anyone traveling together wanting to save costs and do WHAT THEY WANT!

You and friends pay a simple, affordable, rental fee per day for the Rock the Route Bus or Molly Moonshine and get the driver-guide with extensive knowledge of what’s hot or not in the Route… and that’s it. All the extras, food, accommodation and all is cut out… You pay for these and fuel yourself and make use of our transport and knowledge of the Route.

As Simple As That

Free Spirit Tour - Garden Route South Africa 1
Free Spirit Tour - Garden Route South Africa 2

…After breakfast in Plett, we jump in the Bus or Molly; “Hey Heinie, what is there to do today in Plettenberg Bay…?” – “Well, there’s a surf comp on at the main beach with Moby Dick bar for cocktails, Monkeyland has a student special, the weather is great for Kayaking to the private picnic beach and there’s LIVE music at Surf Café this evening. And they have the best burgers in town! Or we can head on to Knysna to catch the Sunset cruise on the lagoon!”


Free Spirit - Very affordable, multi-day transport and host/guide hire. You pick what to do - Any day, ALL day… with free bookings, tips, directions, special events, and general Garden Route INFO on the GO.

Half tank Fuel – ZAR 325pp/day. Min 5 people.

Full tank Fuel – RZAR 490pp/day. Min 5 people.

Daily Fee (excluding fuel etc.) - ZAR 1950.

Now fuel is expensive, sure. But you don’t have to drive around all day. You can just hang in a single town and get chauffeured around in a sexy car… Or go pub crawling and have a designated driver. Or go exploring the small nooks and crannies of the Garden Route no other tourists go to…

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